Sevilla back to Vilamoura
August 14, 2018

Friday morning we had breakfast in Sevilla (we found another place around the corner from the apartment to do that). S went traditional and had a Spanish omelette. The rest of us went for non-traditional American type breakfasts. Helen said they dropped the salt pot into scrambled egg – which looked like fried egg that someone run a fork through a few times.  They clearly don’t know how to make scrambled eggs in Sevilla. We then packed up and walked (with our luggage) to where we had parked the car and then drove back to Vilamoura (it is about a 2-hour drive).

We stopped on the way back and bought some groceries for the next few days (actually we tend to end up at the shop every day – we aren’t very good at planning ahead it seems). Helen made a prawn risotto for dinner which was top class.  Didn’t know she could do so good a risotto … have high expectations for risotto at home now more frequently.

Saturday morning is traditional for 2 things – for 3 of them – a morning run. Usually that is in Cape Town with a whole lot of other people – now the competition was on for better photos and who could run further (nothing competitive of course). After they got back we head off for the 2nd traditional thing – Saturday market at Loule (traditional only when you’re staying in Vilamoura). The market has plenty of fresh produce – fruit, vegetables, meat & fish. We particularly wanted to get sardines and prawns so we could have them for dinner. Not much else done on Saturday but we did enjoy the sardines and prawns that night on the BBQ. So much so we need to have sardines again on the BBQ in the next few days.

Saturday ended with H & B on their backs plotting the stars in the sky with their apps!

P, H, S & B (B is deservedly at the bottom of the blog because he saved our car position when we parked at Loule because he didn’t trust us to find our way back to our car even though we told him we knew exactly where we were going)

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