Vilamoura continued
August 16, 2018

On Sunday we went to Church at the same Church we attended the previous trip and week.  There was a visiting pastor from Ireland as the pastor and his family were on holiday for 2 weeks.  Apparently the visiting guy has done this for the last 8 years – he comes over for 2 weeks of holiday in the Algarve and runs the services for 2 weeks while the pastor and his family go away. Unfortunately we missed his name so we couldn’t google him.  We wanted to do that because he led the service very well and then preached an excellent expository sermon on John 3:22-36. Burgers for lunch, Sunday afternoon nap, dinner and then a walk on the beach at sunset.

The beach was obviously a popular place on Sunday afternoon as there was a traffic jam getting out from there when we came in. The club on the beach was also absolutely packed and pumping out the music. Helen was determined to try to have a swim this time as well and after a few attempts gave up citing the seaweed was too annoying.

Monday morning B & I had another golf round booked at my favourite course in Vilamoura – Millennium.  We had booked the first tee off time to (a) miss the heat of the day and (b) be able to play without having to wait for anyone in front of us.  We unfortunately got paired up with another 2 ball (husband and wife, English but spend a lot of time in Vilamoura). The first thing they said to us was “We hope you play quickly as we need to finish by 11am”.  No introducing themselves or anything. B goes over and says “Hi my name is B” and you can see they are a little taken aback. Not the most pleasant of starts to a round of golf with unknowns. We tee off and B & I both hash our first drives and they are probably thinking to themselves “Great … and these guys can’t play golf”. But hopefully after the 3rd or 4th time of me driving about 50 meters further than him when he thought he had hit a good drive they might have thought otherwise! Unfortunately B didn’t play very well so they might not have altered their opinion about his golf (sorry B!). The ladies (I seem to remember) might have gone shopping again in the afternoon.

P, H, S & B (still being punished for marking the car location)

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